A Day In My Life With Borderline Personality Disorder

  Quite often people have asked me what it is like living with my Borderline Personality Disorder.  They really have very little idea in regards to what it actually means.  They are under the impression that I am “borderline” So I am “sort of” in the middle of having a personality disorder.  Not a full […]

Therapy Dogs

            During my mental health struggles I have tried many different coping strategies.  One thing which works exceptionally well is spending time with animals…dogs in particular.  Last week I had a great opportunity to spend time with Therapy Dogs.  The joy I felt from being with these animals is hard […]

Coming to Terms With Why I used the Hospital as an Excuse on my Mental Illness Recovery Journey

This is my story of coming to terms with my mental illness and how I am using my recovery to help others.  ***Trigger Warning***  There could be triggers for some in this piece.  However, to me it is just a plain and honest account.  Other people will have an entirely different journey and this piece […]

Does Internet Addiction Really Signal Mental Health Issues?

A new study has recently come out claiming that Internet addiction may signify other mental health issues.  Indeed, when comparisons were made between those who were addicted to the Internet (or having problematic usage issues), the following was found by Chief Researcher Dr. Van Ameringen and his team: “We found that those screening positive on […]

Why I Advocate For Mental Health

Why I Advocate For Mental Health I have been asked numerous times why I decided to create Revolving of Doors?  My family and many friends have been concerned that I am “putting myself out there” too much.  “What good can come from that?” they ask.  “A lot!” I exclaim.  Before I get ahead of myself however, […]

Taking a “Mental Health” Day

Don’t Worry About Her…She Is Taking A “Mental Health” Day! As I have progressed through school, and now employment, I have found it necessary to manage my mental health conditions in a way that lets me function, perform and be productive.  This has meant the need to take time off to recover, regroup and recharge.  In society, […]