A Letter to the Future Zee

Zee Malvern Toronto, ON. [email protected] October 23, 2016 World Toronto, ON. Dear World, I want to write to you and I also want to write to my future self. We have just created social change as a combined society. The Suicide Self-Harm Latex costume has been taken down. I received an email with their official […]

Petition to Take Suicide Scar Costume Off Shelves Succeeds as Walmart Removes Item

I am overjoyed to say that the Latex Razor Blade Suicide Scar Wound has been taken OFF SHELVES by the Walmart. I want to thank every single person who signed the petition and left their comments. We created social change. One day at a time. I want to thank Walmart for acting so quickly on this subject […]

Teaching Mental Health in Schools

There can be little doubt that mental health stigma clearly exists in society.  While we have certainly made positive strides in addressing such negative perceptions and discrimination…there is still a long way to go.  One may ask, how can we continue to build upon this anti-stigma movement and take it to the next level?  I […]

Corina Chippett (ROD)

We are excited to introduce our second dedicated volunteer for Revolving of Doors (ROD). Corina has been through many issues in her life and is looking to help others suffering end the stigma. Hear it from Corina herself –  My name is Corina Chippett and I live in Central Newfoundland.  I have been a depression survivor for […]