Mental Health Advocacy

Not too long ago I wrote an article called Ending Mental Health Stigma-Time to Step Up to the Plate! The premise of the piece was essentially that due to powerful mental health advocacy, the historically entrenched stigma surrounding mental health has been significantly reduced.  As such, many individuals have opened up about their conditions and have actively […]

Share Your Personal Story

BACKGROUND: Revolving of doors has been created to help educate society about the inner workings of the mental healthcare system, and to eliminate the stigma which surrounds mental health. Our mission is to help those who do not know how, or are unable to navigate the complex mental healthcare system.  We want to help advocate […]

Mental Health Stigma Quotations

I have mentioned many times before that the stigma surrounding mental health has been around for a very long time.  This stigma and discrimination has been entrenched in human society and has primarily been at fault for preventing people from seeking proper treatment for their condition.  Essentially, this unjust stigma caused individuals and their families […]

You Are Not Your Illness!

It’s always nice to have a name for what you are suffering from.  It is true that people will seek to know what it is that is taking over their life.  “What is my diagnosis?”  However,  the true challenge is ultimately to find the name… and let it go. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) at […]