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For a couple of weeks, I’ve been looking into my fellow community correspondent Zee’s new project, Revolving of Doors (ROD), and I thought it was really cool. Although I’m originally french-speaking, I’ve been writing mostly in english. Was it a way to keep some distance with my french speaking colleagues and friends? I think not, but english comes easily to me, and most blogs I found about mental health were in english. But something happened the last few days. I’ve been feeling the urge to connect to my community. I already came clean to the people closest to me, to my colleagues, to my superior, and I thought the francophonie would benefit from an organization like ROD.

Two weeks ago, I saw Sylvain Boudreau’s conference, le Moi Inc., for the second time after quite a few years, and it reignited my desire to change people’s lives, even if I’m in a period of my life when I’m in dire need of help myself. I’m wired that way. This conference teaches to think of ourselves as our own business, with departments, such as health and fitness, social, family, professional, etc. It is one thing to take care of ourselves, but when you are dealing with mental illnesses, there are a lot of challenges or barriers ahead. They can be self-imposed, or imposed by others. There is intimidation, there is stigma. And mental health issues affect each and every one of those departments Mr Boudreau mentions in his conference.

I want people in my community to get the vibe ROD is projecting. I want this to be a seismic phenomenon that resonates throughout the nation, hey why not the world!

Language may be a barrier and we have to break it. Today, it’s french, english, tomorrow, it might be spanish.

What I know is that the word spreads like wildfire on social media, and it starts here, and on my site, ROD’s sister site, Les Portes Tournantes.

Hope you’ll get on board and let your voices be heard!


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