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Personal Stories
Revolving of doors has been created to help educate society about the inner workings of the mental healthcare system, and to eliminate the stigma which surrounds mental health.
Our mission is to help those who do not know how, or are unable to navigate the complex mental healthcare system.  We want to help advocate for and inform people about where they need to go to obtain help, the steps they need to follow, the reasoning behind those steps, their rights as individuals and how they can work with the system to obtain the best possible care.  We use our personal experiences and knowledge to act as peer support leaders and help educate society about mental health by reducing the stigma attached to it.  We act as tireless advocates for a more transparent mental healthcare system which recognizes the dignity and rights of those who are struggling with their mental health.  Our end goal is to create a safe peer support community centre for members of the LGBTQ society who may be suffering with various components of their mental health.
As one of our primary goals is to raise awareness and eradicate the stigma which surrounds mental health, we are thus calling for personal stories from individuals who are undergoing, or have undergone, mental health conditions.  These stories will be published on our blog under our “personal stories” section with a link back to your own blog or website if desired.  Our hope is that by sharing your personal story, you will be provided with an outlet to express and heal.  Also, we believe those powerful contributions can not only raise awareness about mental health, but can educate, inspire and guide others.  All these stories will then be collected and transformed into a mental health magazine publication for the world to see.  We can truly work together to change the system.
This is your story…tell it the way you have always wanted to!  This may happen through video, short story, photography, songs, poetry…  anything!  Only you know how you want it to be presented.  You can choose to use your own name and photo, or remain anonymous…it is up to you.    We really hope to see your stories.  Please send all story submissions to the following email:
[email protected]  or [email protected]

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