Petition to Take Suicide Scar Costume Off Shelves Succeeds as Walmart Removes Item

I am overjoyed to say that the Latex Razor Blade Suicide Scar Wound has been taken OFF SHELVES by the Walmart. I want to thank every single person who signed the petition and left their comments. We created social change. One day at a time. I want to thank Walmart for acting so quickly on this subject […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week: Sharing My Story

Mental Illness Awareness Week is held from October 2nd to October 8th in Canada.  It is a very important week as it is a dedicated public education campaign designed to raise awareness of what it is like living with components of a mental illness.  If people do not understand, they will not support the very […]

Mental Illness Road to Recovery: 7 Years

Mental Illness Road to Recovery: 7 Years A body renews itself after seven years. Skin is shed, hair is grown, blood is pumped, immune systems change. I’m doing a test. I’m going to see if I can better able  function in society over the next seven years. Throughout these seven years I will be doing many different […]

What is Mental Illness?

WHAT IS MENTAL ILLNESS? With drenched hair stuck to my face I stand in the middle of the road Hands at my side I feel the rain drip down my body Forcing me to become wet I’m waiting for the sun The clouds have overtaken it They have taken my light away My eyes dart […]