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Revolving of Doors has been created to help educate society on the inside workings of the mental healthcare system and eliminate the stigma which surrounds mental illness.

Our mission is to help those who do not know how, or are unable to navigate the complex mental healthcare system. We want to help advocate for and inform people about where they need to go to obtain help, the steps they need to follow, the reasoning behind those steps, their rights as individuals and patients and how they can work with the system to ensure the best possible care. We will use our personal experiences and knowledge to educate society on mental illness by reducing the stigma which is attached to it, and advocating for a more transparent mental healthcare system.

This Forum is a support and discussion group to help us achieve these goals. It is also a discussion forum for other educators and advocates to discuss strategies.  We are not medical professionals and in no way pretend to be.  What we are however are individuals with real life experience who aim to help and advocate for others and end the stigma and discrimination that those who have components of a mental illness often have to face.

Let’s get the conversation started!